Saturday, 9 June 2012

Baby's Breath


Hari ni I nak share betapa I dah jatuh hati dengan baby's breath flower. Bagi I bunga ni nampak soft je. Eventho tak banyak pilihan colour macam bunga-bunga lain, tp still I suke=)

I nak share sikit wedding decos and hand bouquets menggunakan baby's breath

Cantik, kan?;)

So, I google tips to do the arrangement..then I jumpa kat SINI

10 Baby's Breath Dos and Dont's
  • Do buy one, three or five flowers (odd numbers always look best) beautiful flowers and ask for a little foliage to go with them.
  • Do separate the baby's breath by cutting apart the longer branches.  Tuck these smaller branches into large gaps between the flowers. This will give the arrangement a more balanced and elegant look.
  • Do make sure the baby's breath is fresh and the flowers are white. Old baby's breath  turns brown and may have broken flowers. This makes the entire arrangement look old.
  • Do add it to arrangements that are more traditional or romantic in style. Use it when you want that "just picked from the garden" look. Use baby's breath with light-colored roses, carnations, lisianthus and alstroemeria.
  • Do try using other fillers such as solidagocaspia,statice, wax flower or hypericum berries.
  • Don't use a truckload of baby's breath with a few flowers thinking it will make your arrangement look like you spent more money on it. Trust me.  It won't.
  • Don't use an entire stem of baby's breath. It's too big and will overpower the flower arrangement.
  • Don't just grab the baby's breath and stick it into a floral arrangement or bouquet.
  • Don't insist on putting baby's breath into every floral arrangement. It will do more harm than good. Because it is used so often n cheap floral arrangements, it can make a perfectly beautiful bouquet from a florist look like one you picked up at the corner store.
  • Don't resist the urge to think outside of the baby's breath box. A flower arrangement of just small vases of baby's breath for a baby shower is a sweet idea.

Kalau ada yang baca blog I ni dan pernah/tengah/akan buat anything guna this share with me ya!=)

Thanks for reading!=)

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  1. Suka sangat idea hand bouquet guna baby's breath... thanks for sharing :)

  2. i suka baby breath! nak2 kalau mix dgn calla lily...hehe

    1. aah..terus yang x lemah lembut mcm i pun blh nmpk lembut=p

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  4. do u know where to buy cheap baby's breath in kl?

    1. Hi Jane, I bought it at floristika Bangsar. Near to NSTP.

  5. where to buy cheap baby breath in kl?